Site 14b. STATE STREET: in front of Michigan Union

The pedestal describes the campus in 1907 and highlights many of the univeristy's lost buildings.

Photos Courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library

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University of Michigan Campus, 1907Browning societyPresident’s House from Campus, 1870sGeneral Library, 1883
General Library, 1883Original engineering laboratory, 1882Engineering Laboratoryfirst women studentsMedical BuildingStudents at work in the laboratory, 1887Chemical Laboratory, 1870sStudents at the 1914 j-hopBarbour & Waterman Gymnasiums, ca. 1900Campus from state and north universityCampus as later recalled by a member of the class of 1849Pavilion interiorHospital Pavilions from Campus, ca.1880Meridian TelescopeDetroit Observatory, 1858