Site 2. MAIN and LIBERTY

The theme here is the then and now of the Main Street shopping experience.

Photos Courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library

WALL DISPLAY 1: Main Street Shopping Expands
WALL DISPLAY 2: Downtown Movie Theaters
WALL DISPLAY 3: Changing Retail Patterns

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Store rules from Mack & Co., 1898
Cunningham Drug Stores, 1940s
Exterior of Dean & Co. with employees
Main Street looking North, 1893
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Exterior of Mack & Co, 1906


gotta love the points :)

Thanks !!!

This is a fascinating subject, especially considering the re-emergence of the Main Street culture.


So all it say's about dean & co is that they sold "even gasoline", there isn't a brand listed and I can't read one in the picture

The brand in the window displays red star gasoline. You might try clicking on the image and then click again for a bigger sized image. You may also download the image, which is scanned at a very high resolution.

How interesting