Tappan addresses citizens about the attack on Fort Sumter, April 15, 1861

Tappan addresses citizens about the attack on Fort Sumter, April 15, 1861

Citizens from town, country, and University gathered on Courthouse Square for important civic events. In 1861, friends of the Union assembled there to hear reports of the Confederate army attack on Fort Sumter. On April 15, university president Henry Tappan and other prominent townspeople went to the old Courthouse to address citizens about the crisis. The meeting overflowed across the square into the street. Resolutions were passed supporting President Lincoln and establishing a committee to assist in organizing military companies.

Four Ann Arbor military units were quickly formed. The "Silver Greys," a Home Guard unit made up of men over age forty-five, included Tappan and the town's most illustrious citizens.

Frame location: On West wall of Courthouse

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Date: 15 April 1861

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