Welcome to the Downtown Ann Arbor Historical Street Exhibit

The Downtown Ann Arbor Historical Street Exhibit Program is a series of permanent sidewalk exhibits at sixteen landmark sites throughout downtown Ann Arbor.

Each exhibit has a theme. The first exhibit, installed in 1999, illustrates the hustle and bustle of town life that once centered on Courthouse Square. Subsequent exhibits throughout the downtown showcase the city's artistic heritage and the roles of business, banking, manufacturing and education in shaping the community.

Click on “Exhibits and Map” at left to see the sixteen sites and their themes. Click on a site number on the map to view all the images and text currently installed at that site.

This DVD, narrated by Ann Arbor historian Wystan Stevens, traces the evolution of the project from a grassroots-level initiative to a community-wide enterprise generously funded and supported by Ann Arbor citizens, local government, and corporations. The film includes an overview of the various design and installation processes involved and a list of donors and sponsors.


This is a wonderful resource.
So are many others which the Summer Reading Game sends us to.
Maybe they could be linked more directly from the AADL front pages, so more people can find and browse them more readily...?

Great info!

I can find the answers to the Summer Game clues, but cannot find any codes. What am I missing?!

Try entering the names of things indicated by the pictures--there may be words in the pictures (on a building's facade, for example) and if you enter them as if they were a code, that may do the trick (or something along those lines)

--but maybe you've figured this out by now? Even so, maybe this comment will help someone else.

This is such an interesting resource

I'm just now discovering these and finding them very interesting!